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Bill Conerly is a leading expert on the economic forecast and a Consultant, Speaker, and Writer for his company, Conerly Consulting LLC. Conerly Consulting was founded with the goal of helping business leaders improve their company economics. Bill has over 30 years of industry experience, shares his expertise as a Forbes senior contributor, and is the Chairman of the Board for Cascade Policy Institute. His previous roles as the Director of Economic Research for NERCO, INC and Senior Vice President and Economist for First Interstate Bank strengthened his economic strategies.

Bill graduated from the New College of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in Economics from Duke University.

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When a sizable disturbance hits the economic market, how can we brace for the variations that follow? The pandemic abruptly halted the supply chain, and with the industry surge forward, how can businesses cope with the aftermath? 

Bill Conerly is an expert in economics — and knows the impact an economic change can have on a business. He has worked with various industries to understand the fluctuations and impact a change can have on a business and industry. According to Bill, the socioeconomic and market changes that consumers and enterprises are experiencing are a result of the pandemic. 

In this episode of the Measure Success Podcast, Carl J. Cox talks with Bill Conerly, Consultant, Speaker, and Writer for Conerly Consulting LLC, about the economic changes and growth in today’s market. Bill explains different delivery markets emerging from the supply disruption, the direct correlation between economic trends and the pandemic, and the acceleration of the housing market. Stay tuned!

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